Harry C. Dudley, Psy. D.

Forensic Evaluations

Forensic psychology is the application of psychological science to specific legal questions. I provide evaluations in a variety of criminal, juvenile, and civil contexts.

A forensic psychological evaluation typically involves semi-structured interviews, structured interviews of the examinee, the administration of different psychological tests, a review of relevant records, and interviews of third parties. Typically, a detailed report will be prepared. I provide forensic psychological evaluations in the following areas.

  1. Child custody and parenting time evaluations.
  2. Parental fitness evaluations.
  3. Competency to stand trial.
  4. Not guilty by reason of insanity and diminished capacity.
  5. Determination of mitigating factors and the defendant's needs with respect to sentencing, including suitability for probation or work release.
  6. Risk assessments.
  7. Contested special education placement.
  8. Personal injury and disability.
  9. Guardianship.

I also provide consultation to attorneys and other mental health professionals involved in the legal process. On a select basis, I review reports and work products of other professionals. I have also provided continuing education and continuing legal education in the general area of forensic psychology, child custody and parenting time evaluations, parent coordination, the use of psychological testing, and ethics.

Please note that forensic psychological valuations are not considered clinical evaluations in that they are designed to address specific legal questions and not to primarily provide treatment recommendations. As such, insurance does not cover forensic psychological evaluations.

It is my standard procedure to initially consult with the referring attorney or attorneys prior to accepting a case. I prefer my initial point of contact to be with legal counsel so as to better understand the specific psychological and legal issues at hand and to make a determination as to whether I will accept the case. If you're a potential client seeking a forensic psychological assessment and you are represented by attorney, please have your attorney contact me.